GE 22729 TV Converter Box

GE 22729 TV Converter Box

Final Rating: C+

The General Electric (GE) 22729 is rated fairly low on our grading scale when compared to other digital TV converter box we have rated. It has nearly all of the same features as every other digital converter box we have reviewed and produces a lower quality picture but for some reason costs $20 more!!! We would not recommend this TV converter box to anybody.

The GE 22729 comes with one of the better programming guides in comparison to the other converters we reviewed. It also comes with individual channel tuning or the "scan-for-all" function. This TV converter box also comes with adjustable closed captioning and smart antenna technology.

The GE 22729's picture was not bad by any means but it was also not up to par with other TV converter Boxes on the market. The picture while watching in HD was obvious.

The GE 22729's sound was just about the same as all of the other DTV converter boxes available and was better than what you get with analog TV.

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