Magnavox TB100MW9 TV Converter Box

Magnavox TB100MW9 TV Converter Box
Final Rating: C-
The Magnavox TB100MW9 TV converter box is a below average digital converter box. The TB100MW9 is good enough to do all of the functions that you need in a TV converter box but other TV converter boxes do these functions better. The main problem with the Magnavox TB100MW9 is that it is very expensively priced at $85 despite being inferior to cheaper TV converter boxes.
The Magnavox TB100MW9 TV converter box comes with a very good program guide, dual channel tuning options, an onscreen signal strength display, and changeable closed captioning. This TV converter box does not come with a universal remote control, analog pass through, or auto aspect ratio functions.
The Magnavox TB100MW9 TV converter box gives out a better than average picture. This TV converter box displays a picture that is better than what you get with most other TV converter boxes. The sound quality for the TB100MW9 is right on par with all of the other TV converter boxes that we have reviewed and compared so far.
Overall, when comparing this TV converter box to others that are for sale it is very good. The only draw back that makes it unattractive is its high price. Personally, I would not purchase this TV converter box because you can get one of the same quality for $20 cheaper.
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