RCA DTA800B TV Converter Box

RCA DTA800B TV Converter Box

Final Rating: C

The RCA DTA800B TV converter box is one of the worst TV converter boxes that we have looked at so far. If it didn't provide stellar picture quality it could have probably scored a D-. The DTA800B does not come with the aspect ratio settings that are required by the government and it also does not come with analog pass through. The RCA DTA800B is lacking necessary features and still sells for $65, which is quite a bit more than other TV converters that come with more features.

The RCA analog digital converter box does come with a programming guide and a scan-for-all tuning function. It also comes with a universal remote and adjustable closed caption fonts.

This TV converter boxes picture is rated very high. The RCA's picture is the only positive about it. The picture for the RCA in digital broadcasting is slightly below DVD quality. It is a significant upgrade from analog TV. In order to increase the performance of your converter box we recommend that you get one of the RCA digigtal antennas.

The sound put out by the RCA DTA800B is rated to be just as good as most other TV converter boxes on the market.

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Update: RCA has come out with an upgrade to the RCA DTA800B1. The upgraded TV converter box includes analog pass through and the government requirements for aspect ratio. The new model is the RCA DTA800B1

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