MicroGem MG2000 TV Converter Box

MicroGEM MG2000 TV Converter Box

Final Rating: B+

The MicroGEM MG2000 is one of the best analog digital converters that we have rated so far in comparison to all others. The MicroGem MG 2000 TV converter box is moderately priced at $70 and comes with a wide array of features. Overall the MicroGEM MG2000 is one of a few of the TV converters that we highly recommend to consumers.

The MicroGEM MG2000 comes with an on screen programming guide that displays the currently showing show. This digital to analog TV converter box is also very small and compact. It comes with dual channel tuning options, an on screen signal strength meter, updateable software, and adjustable closed captioning.

The MicroGEM MG200 TV converter box provides consumers with excellent all around sound. This TV converter box providers them with a significant upgrade from the sound of analog television.

This TV converter box also provides an amazingly clear picture.

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