Digital TV Antennas

Now that the digital transition has passed for some stations it has become apparent that there are issues with digital television. In many areas people are no longer able to get channels that they had no problem getting in analog broadcasts. The issue comes into play in areas where signals are weak because with digital signals you either get a perfect picture or no picture at all, there is no in between.

In order to rectify this problem we suggest that individuals get a digital TV antenna. Digital TV antennas will help greatly in areas where signals are weak.


Digital To Analog TV Converter Box Reviews

Top Rated Converter Boxes

Dish Network TR-40 CRA
Dish Network DTVPal Plus
Tivax STB-T8
Alpha Digital AT2016
Zinwell Zat-970A
Zinwell Zat-950A
Zenith DTT901
Artec T3AP Pro
Insignia NS-DXA1
Dish Network DTVPal
Channel Master CM-7000
Access HD DTA-1010D

Mid Rated Converter Boxes

Tivax STB-T9
MicroGem MG2000
Artec T3A Pro
Lasonic LTA-260
Magnavox TB100MW9
Philco TB100HH9
Sansonic FT300A
Winegard RC-DT09A
Zenith DTT900
CoShip NT9988T
Goodmind DTA 1000
Apex DT250
Venturer STB7766G

Low Rated Converter Boxes

Digital Stream DSP7500T
Digital Stream DTX9900
Digital Stream DTX9950
Digital Stream DSP 7700T
GE 22729
Magnavox TB100MG9