Access HD DTA-1010D TV Converter Box

Access HD DTA-1010D TV Converter Box

Final Rating: B+

The Access HD DTA-1010D TV converter box is an excellent one. If it comes with analog pass-through it would have been rated an A+ but since it is missing such an essential feature we were forced to lower it by a whole letter grade. For those that don't need pass-through this is a great TV converter.

This TV converter box comes with multi-language settings that include french, English, and Spanish. It also comes with a signal strength meter for individual channel tuning and the ability to search for all channels at once. The program guide for the DTA-1010D TV converter box is also very good. It is better than most other TV converter boxes and provides users with ample information for current and upcoming shows.

This TV converter comes with excellent sound. The sound clarity this TV converter box is reminiscent of watching a DVD and a major improvement over analog sound.

The picture clarity of the Access HD DTA-1010D TV converter box is also quite good. When watching with the TV converter box you will get one of the best pictures that is possible with a TV converter box.

If this TV converter box only had analog pass-through our review and comparison would have rated it as one of the 3 best TV converter boxes. Even with it missing that feature it is still an awesome one of the TV converter boxes that will significantly enhance your viewing experience. All features combined with its cheap price of $55 make this TV converter box great buy.

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