RCA DTA800B1 TV Converter Box

RCA DTA800B1 TV Converter Box

Final Rating: B+

The RCA DTA800B1 is exactly the same and the RCA DTA800B except for that it has been updated to include analog pass through. The RCA DTA800B1 analog digital converter is a very good TV converter box that can do all of the major functions that are needed in a TV converter box. The RCA DTA800B1 also has upgraded to supply the needed aspect ratio requirements set by the government. With the upgrades this digital TV converter can now be considered as a decent buy at $70.

The RCA DTA800B1 comes with a universal remote control, adjustable closed captioning fonts, a program guide, a scan for all tuning function, and analog pass through.

The RCA DTA800B1 TV converter box comes with an absolutely fabulous picture. The picture of the RCA DTA800B 1 is better than that of most other TV converter boxes and provides users with a nearly perfect DTV experience. The RCA DTA800B1's sound is just as good as any TV converter boxes on the market. If you are looking for the ultimate digital TV experience with this converter box then we recommend that you get an RCA digital TV antenna to go along with it.

Overall, the RCA DTA800B1 is a very good digital TV converter box since it has been upgraded to government required standards and now has the analog pass through feature. Due to this and its excellent picture we highly recommend the RCA DTA800B1.

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