Lasonic LTA-260 TV Converter Box

Lasonic LTA-260 TV Converter Box

Final Rating: B

The Lasonic LTA-260 TV converter box gets its good rating because of the amazing near DVD quality picture that it puts out. The LTA-260 analog to digital converter box is definitely lacking some of the features that other converter boxes have but the great picture more than makes up for the missing features. At a price under $60 is is also very affordable and could be purchased for under $25 with the government coupon.

The Lasonic LTA-260 TV converter box provides users with an average programming guide in comparison to other digital converter boxes. It also has an on screen signal strength meter for the tuning of new channels and comes with adjustable closed captioning text. This TV converter box does not come with a universal remote or analog pass through.

The Lasonic LTA-260's picture is rated to be one of the best on the market. When watching digital broadcasting with it you get a near DVD picture. Its picture is a major upgrade from that of analog TV.

The Lasonic LTA-260's sound is very good and right on par with all of the other TV converter boxes that we have rated and compared.

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