Zenith DTT901 TV Converter Box

Zenith DTT901 TV Converter Box
Final Rating: A

The Zenith DTT901 TV converter box is a priced as a very affordable $59.99 ($19.99 after using the government coupon) and comes with all of the features you could possibly need in a digital converter box. When reviewing this converter we came to the conclusion that it is one of the best in comparison to all of the others that are available.

The Zenith DTT901 TV converter box is probably by far the best TV converter box that we have seen on the market when considering price. The Zenith DTT901 is very similar to the Zenith DTT900 except for that it is the upgraded version. The Zenith DTT900 was upgrade to include analog pass through in the Zenith DTT901. This TV converter box also comes with a program display guide, adjustable closed captioning, a universal remote, auto aspect ration, and A/V cables.

A review of the the Zenith DTT901 TV converter box revealed that it puts out a very good picture when compared to others on the market. This analog to digital converter box provides viewers with a nearly DVD viewing experience.

The Zenith DTT901 TV converter box provides some of the best sound of any converter box. The sound is crystal clear and you don't have to worry about the analog static that you are use to anymore.

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Zenith DTT900 TV Converter Box

Zenith DTT900 TV Converter Box
Final Rating: A-
A look at the Zenith DTT900 revealed that it is one of the best digital converter boxes currently available. I would not recommend buying it though because you can get the Zenith DTT901 for the same price and it includes the analog pass through feature. This TV converter costs $59.99 at most stores and is eligible for the purchase with the government coupon.

The Zenith DTT900 comes with an abundance of features. The Zenith DTT900 TV converter box is rated very highly due to the the fact that it is one of the most complete TV converter boxes on the market. The only box that is considered to be better is the Zenith DTT901 because it is the updated version of the Zenith DTT900. The Zenith DTT900's program guide gives viewers information about the current shows title and run time as well as for upcoming shows. It also comes with adjustable closed captioning fonts, an auto scan or manual channel setting function, and automatic aspect ratio tuning.

The only feature the Zenith DTT900 is missing is analog pass through.

The picture of the Zenith DTT900 is very good when compared to that of other analog to digital converter boxes on the market. The quality you get with this TV converter is better than what you get with Analog TV. When using it you will get a television picture that is slightly below the DVD. The Zenith DTT900 is rated very well in this area and is better than most converter boxes.

The sound of the Zenith DTT900 is also very good in comparison to other digital converters. When using this TV converter box you noticed a definite upgrade from the sound of analog TV.
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TV Converter Box Reviews

Over the next couple weeks I am planning to write several reviews of different TV converter boxes that are available.

After writing about the digital transition for awhile and trying to decided on a TV converter box of my own I realized that there is not a lot of information on TV converter boxes on the internet. This is why I decided to write some of my own.

The reviews I am writing will consist of a grade for each TV converter box, a comparison of each digital TV converter boxes features, and a review of how well the TV converter box works.

My goals is provide my readers with a short list of 10-15 different reviews so that they can go out and be confident and make the correct decision about which DTV converter box is best for them.

If you are interested in information about any specific digital TV converter box please drop me a line in the comments section of this blog and I will do my best to get you information about it.