Airlink 101 ATVC102 TV Converter Box

Airlink101 ATVC102 TV Converter Box

The Airlink101 ATVC102 is one of the best deals out there among converter boxes. It is a mid rated converter box but can be bought only $40 which means that it is free after using the government coupon. This converter box is a great deal for those that don't have a lot of money to spend but badly need a TV converter box.

The ATVC102 comes with decent picture quality and excellent sound quality. There are other converter boxes that have better picture quality and others that have worse.

This digital TV converter box comes with a great set of features that make it a good converter box. It comes with a good program guide that provides current show information. It also comes with analog pass-through so you don't lose channels that are not required to make the transition. Besides these two features it also comes with parental controls, multi-language support, configurable closed captioning, and energy star compliance.

This Airlink101 ATVC102 is an excellent converter box. It is not a top rated one but its special low price makes it rate out near the top in a value comparison. If you are looking for a cheap converter box that will get the job done you should consider it.


Channel Master CM-7000 TV Converter Box

The Channel Master CM-7000 TV converter box is best TV converter box that we have done a reviews, ratings, and comparisons of so far. Despite it being the best we do not rated it as the highest TV converter box because it is quite pricey. The Channel Master CM-7000 TV converter box comes with some excellent features along with great picture and sound quality.

This TV converter box comes with one of the best program guides out of all TV converter boxes. It shows the show run time, show description, etc. for the current show and hours of upcoming programs. This TV converter box is the first one we have seen yet that comes with the S-video output function. The CM-7000 TV converter box also comes with closed caption adjust ability and the all channels scanning function.

The picture clarity for this TV converter box is clearly tops among all TV converter boxes we have looked at so far. You could almost say that its picture clarity is equal to that of a DVD.

The sound clarity for this TV converter box is also quite good. Its sound clarity is also close to as good as what you get when watching a DVD.

The Channel Master CM-7000 TV converter box is one of the best TV converter boxes on the market. In fact, this TV converter comes with the best picture clarity of any TV converter box. Unfortunately this means that it is also very price at $73. If analog pass through is not important to you and the extra $15 is worth the better picture then this TV converter box is for you.


Tivax STB-T9 TV Converter Box

Tivax STB-T9 TV Converter Box

Final Rating: A-

The Tivax STB-T9 is one of the more basic digital converters on the market but does come with all of the necessary features. It is priced at out $50 which means that it can be purchased for around $10 after using your government coupon. The Tivax STB-T9 is one of the best deals on the market because of its cheap price and excellent picture quality.

It comes with a fairly decent programming guide that includes show titles for current and upcoming shows. It also comes with adjustable closed captioning fonts. Finally the STB-T9 analog to digital converter box comes with an auto scan function to tune channels or lets you individually tune channels by using the on screen signal strength meter.

The picture for this TV converter box is better than that of most other TVconverter boxes when comparing them. The STB-T9 provides users with DVD picture which is rare among other TV converters.

When making a comparison of the sound of the Tivax is rated very well. The sound it provides with digital broadcasting is on par with other converter boxes and is an upgrade from analog TV sound.

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Tivax has now came out with the Tivax STB-T8. The Tivax STB-T8 is the updated version of the STB-T9. The Tivax STB-T8 is exactly the same except for that it comes with analog pass through.