Airlink 101 ATVC102 TV Converter Box

Airlink101 ATVC102 TV Converter Box

The Airlink101 ATVC102 is one of the best deals out there among converter boxes. It is a mid rated converter box but can be bought only $40 which means that it is free after using the government coupon. This converter box is a great deal for those that don't have a lot of money to spend but badly need a TV converter box.

The ATVC102 comes with decent picture quality and excellent sound quality. There are other converter boxes that have better picture quality and others that have worse.

This digital TV converter box comes with a great set of features that make it a good converter box. It comes with a good program guide that provides current show information. It also comes with analog pass-through so you don't lose channels that are not required to make the transition. Besides these two features it also comes with parental controls, multi-language support, configurable closed captioning, and energy star compliance.

This Airlink101 ATVC102 is an excellent converter box. It is not a top rated one but its special low price makes it rate out near the top in a value comparison. If you are looking for a cheap converter box that will get the job done you should consider it.

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