Channel Master CM-7000 TV Converter Box

The Channel Master CM-7000 TV converter box is best TV converter box that we have done a reviews, ratings, and comparisons of so far. Despite it being the best we do not rated it as the highest TV converter box because it is quite pricey. The Channel Master CM-7000 TV converter box comes with some excellent features along with great picture and sound quality.

This TV converter box comes with one of the best program guides out of all TV converter boxes. It shows the show run time, show description, etc. for the current show and hours of upcoming programs. This TV converter box is the first one we have seen yet that comes with the S-video output function. The CM-7000 TV converter box also comes with closed caption adjust ability and the all channels scanning function.

The picture clarity for this TV converter box is clearly tops among all TV converter boxes we have looked at so far. You could almost say that its picture clarity is equal to that of a DVD.

The sound clarity for this TV converter box is also quite good. Its sound clarity is also close to as good as what you get when watching a DVD.

The Channel Master CM-7000 TV converter box is one of the best TV converter boxes on the market. In fact, this TV converter comes with the best picture clarity of any TV converter box. Unfortunately this means that it is also very price at $73. If analog pass through is not important to you and the extra $15 is worth the better picture then this TV converter box is for you.

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bill said...

Channel Master cm 700 All i can say is the Channel master converter box is not all that great I have or did have one an after a year it stopped working after a year the cost 70 dollars. Called Channel Master they asked what was wrong told them they say yes its trashed you can order buy a new one. i said no for the reason the first one only lasted a year and the company would not work something out. its feels like a raw deal to me. so much for customer satisfaction and quality bill 770 207 6419