What Is The Magic Jack USB VoIP Phone Device?

The Magic Jack is an Internet VoIP phone that hooks into your computer through a USB port and allows you to get landline phone service through VoIP technology. The magicJack is a very small USB device and it is super easy to hook up. Once hooked up it contains all of the software necessary to route your phone calls over your broadband Internet connection. The major attraction of the magic Jack is its cheap cost of just $39.99 up front and then $19.99 per year. This extremely low price makes the magic Jack the cheapest land line telephone service in the world right now.

Over the past year the magicJack has grown immensely in popularity and the company claims that there are 10,000 new customers each day. The potential for extremely cheap telephone service has attracted the attention of millions of Americans and it is sure to be a popular product for years to come.

As expected with it being a new product technical have come about. For most people that have purchased the Magic Jack is has worked extremely well and allowed people to get similar or better land line service at a fraction of the price. For others however the magic Jack hasn't worked so well. In some cases people have had problems with the device not providing clear phone reception, not making and connecting calls correctly, or even never working to begin with. This usually happens with new technology and the makers of Magic Jack appear to be working vigorously to get these magicjack problems solved. One problem with magicJack is that it doesn't come with the easy "X" box in the top right to close the application when you are not making calls. The best thing about the magic Jack is that it comes with a 30 day trial period so that if it isn't work right for you you can return it for a full refund.

The magic Jack phoneis a great innovation in the land line telephone industry and something that can save everybody a bundle of money. If you are paying old rates for your land line telephone you should get the magic Jack and begin enjoying land line telephone services for just $19.99 per year.