Zenith DTT901 TV Converter Box

Zenith DTT901 TV Converter Box
Final Rating: A

The Zenith DTT901 TV converter box is a priced as a very affordable $59.99 ($19.99 after using the government coupon) and comes with all of the features you could possibly need in a digital converter box. When reviewing this converter we came to the conclusion that it is one of the best in comparison to all of the others that are available.

The Zenith DTT901 TV converter box is probably by far the best TV converter box that we have seen on the market when considering price. The Zenith DTT901 is very similar to the Zenith DTT900 except for that it is the upgraded version. The Zenith DTT900 was upgrade to include analog pass through in the Zenith DTT901. This TV converter box also comes with a program display guide, adjustable closed captioning, a universal remote, auto aspect ration, and A/V cables.

A review of the the Zenith DTT901 TV converter box revealed that it puts out a very good picture when compared to others on the market. This analog to digital converter box provides viewers with a nearly DVD viewing experience.

The Zenith DTT901 TV converter box provides some of the best sound of any converter box. The sound is crystal clear and you don't have to worry about the analog static that you are use to anymore.

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