Artec T3AP Pro TV Converter Box

Artec T3AP Pro TV Converter Box

Final Rating: A+

When reviewing and comparing the Artec T3AP Pro we found that it is probably the best TV converter box available for sale. The Artec T3AP Pro comes as a very small and sleek design that easily fits in the smallest places. The Artec T3AP Pro is the upgraded version of the Artec T3A Pro. It has been upgraded to include analog pass-through but is otherwise exactly the same. It sells for $65 and we highly recommend it as noted by our final rating we gave it.
A comparison of the Artect T3AP Pro TV converter box revealed that it has a wide set of features that make it an excellent choice. This TV converter box provides users with a programming guide, a signal strength meter, analog pass-through, closed captioning font adjustments, auto scan for channels, and individual channel tuning. The only thing that this TV converter is still lacking is a universal remote control.

The picture that this TV converter box sends out is nearly as good as what you get from a DVD. This TV converter box rated near the top in regards to its picture. The sound provided by the Artec T3AP Pro was also very very good. If you like this converter box it would be a great purchase, we also suggest that to enhance your experience you get the Artec AN2 digital antenna. It should help you to get clearer reception and more channels.

Overall, the Artec T3AP Pro is a very very good TV converter box. If you are interested in getting a TV converter box we recommend this one. Just be sure that you don't accidentally buy the Artec T3A Pro because it does not have analog pass-through.

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