Digital Stream DTX9900 TV Converter Box

Digital Stream DTX9900 TV Converter Box

Final Rating: B

The Digital Stream DTX9900 analog digital TV converter box is a good TV converter box. When making a comparison to other TV converter boxes it is just as good as most of them that we have reviewed so far. The DTX9900 sells for around $65 and is a good buy. If you are interested in getting a digital TV converter this is definitely one to consider. It is very similar to the Digital Stream DSP7500T but its about $10 cheaper.

The Digital Stream DTX 9900 comes with and automatic scanning function for setting channels. It also comes with a universal remote control and closed captioning adjustment functions. This TV converter box gives one of the more detailed programming guides in comparison to other TV converter boxes that we have looked at.

The Digital Stream DTX9900 does not come with analog pass through or any form of auto aspect ratio setup.

The picture for the DTX9900 is rated to be pretty low. The Digital Stream DTX9900 gives viewers a picture that rivals that of good analog TV reception. This means that there is still a but of fuzziness but that it gives you a picture that is better than most analog broadcasts. The sound for this TV converter is comparable to that of most TV converter boxes and is an upgrade from analog television sound.

Overall, the Digital Stream DTX990 rates out at a B. This means that it is rated pretty well on our scale. The major problem is that it is missing analog pass through and you can get a better picture with other TV converter boxes.

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