CoShip N9988T TV Converter Box

COShip N9988T TV Converter Box

Final Rating: B+

The COShip N9988T TV converter box is a very unique TV converter box in that it comes with some features that we have not seen with almost any other digital converter boxes. It grades out fairly highly because of this but since it is lacking analog pass-through we couldn't give it a grade any higher than a B+.

The COShip N9988T TV converter box is one of only a few TV converter boxes that has come with the auto aspect ratio function. This means that the aspect ratio will automatically be adjusted based off your TV type. The N9988T TV converter box also comes with a show guide that is better than the average TV converter box. Our review and rating also revealed that it comes with a signal strength meter for channel tuning and changeable closed captioning text.

This analog digital converter box comes with pretty darn good picture clarity. It is a slight step below the quality of the Tivax, DTVPal, and Channel Master TV converter but still very good. The only issues with its picture quality are when watching HDTV there is a bit of blurring and stretching of images. In order to help improve clarity and get extra channels with this converter box you may want to try a digital HDTV antenna.

This TV converter box's clearness of sound is quite excellent. When listening to sound through it you get an extremely crisp and clear sound that is equal to the quality of DVD sound.

As a whole the COShip N9988T is an excellent TV converter box. Its auto aspect ratio feature is a very nice feature that you don't seem very often with other TV converter boxes. If you are interested in one of the cheapest TV converter boxes ($50) but still want a quality on then you should check this one out.

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