Sansonic FT300A TV Converter Box

Sansonic FT300A TV Converter Box

Final Rating: B+

The Sansonic FT300A TV converter box is a good one and is highly recommend by our website. Our review of the Sansonic FT300A showed that for its price of $65 it is a good buy but when compared to other tv converter boxes it is simply not as good.

The Sansonic FT300A TV converter comes with dual channel tuning functions, an television show program guide, and a signal reception meter. This analog digital converter is also one of the smallest models available. The Sansonic FT300A does not come with analog pass-through, auto aspect ratio, a universal remote, or adjustable closed captioning. This is the first TV converter box that we have rated that doesn't have adjustable closed captioning.

The Sansonic FT300A digital TV converter box transmits a very good picture. This is what saves the day for the FT300A. If it wasn't for its amazing picture clarity it would probably get a bad grade. The Sansonic FT300 also provides users with for good audio sound clearness. As with all converter boxes it might be wise to consider some sort of digital TV antenna to help your reception.

As a whole the Sansonic FT300A is an average TV converter box that will complete all the functions that you will need for a analog digital converter. The problem is that it has less features but is still equally priced at $65. If you are considering the Sansonic FT300A we suggest switching and getting the Lasonic LTA-260. the Lasonic LTA-260 is almost exactly the same but comes with more features.

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