GE 22730 TV Converter Box

GE 22730 TV Converter Box

Final Rating: C-

The General Electric (GE) 22730 is rated very low on our scale just like its counterpart, the GE 22729. The GE 22730 is very similar to all of the other digital converter boxes we have reviewed but for some reason its final costs is significantly higher at $70. We do not recommend purchasing the GE 22730.

The GE 22730 analog digital TV converter box comes with an above average program guide that provides viewers with a show description and run time. It also comes with the scan-for-all function or individual channel tuning and adjustable closed captioning. This TV converter box does not come with analog pass through.

The GE 22730's picture is a step below that of most of the TV converter boxes that we have reviewed. Because of this reason we have rated is pretty low. The picture however is still better than what you would get from an analog TV broadcast.

The GE 22730's sound is on par with all of the other TV converter boxes that we have compared. It is an upgrade from the sound of analog television.

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