Digital Stream DSP7500T TV Converter Box

Digital Stream DSP7500T TV Converter Box

Final Rating: B-

The Digital Stream DSP7500T is very average when compared with other TV converter boxes that we have reviewed and rated so far. When comparing the DSP7500T to other analog digital TV converter boxes it is simply to expensive. The DSP7500T is very similar to a lot of other TV converter boxes but for some reason it is $20 more than most of them. In fact it is nearly identical to the Digital Stream DTX9900 but is $10 more.

The DSP7500T comes with an above average programming guide that shows viewers the title and description for current and upcoming shows. This TV converter also gives users two different options for tuning in their digital TV stations. Finally, the Digital Stream DSP7500T comes with closed captioning adjustment features and a universal remote control.

The DSP7500T TV converter box provides good sound that is better than analog TV sound. It also gives users an upgrade as far as its picture goes. Despite this the Digital Stream TV converter box does not compare in quality when looking at other cheaper TV converter boxes.

The Digital Stream DSp7500T TV converter box has shown that it is definitely good enough to perform the functions need but that it is simply not the best TV converter box on the market.

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