Digital Stream DSP7700P TV Converter Box

Digital Stream DSP7700P TV Converter Box

The Digital Stream DSP770P is a mid rated converter box that can get the job done. It is not a top rated box by any means and there have been some problems with it but it is also a lot cheaper than other. You can get this box for under $15 after using you government coupon.

The DSP7700P converter box comes with average picture quality and average sound quality. It is not the best in regards to picture quality and it is also not the worst.

This TV converter box comes with a standard program guide, a universal remote control, and the ever important analog pass-through function. This converter box also comes with multi-language support. Finally, this box comes with a sleep timer.

If you are considering getting this converter box then it wouldn't be the worst purchase but we do recommend that you check out one of our more highly rated top converter boxes instead.

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