Dish Network DTVPal TV Converter Box

Dish Network DTVPal TV Converter Box
Final Rating: A+
The Dish Network DTVPal TV converter box is one of the highest rated TV converter boxes that we have reviewed so far. When comparing it to other TV converters it simply had better features.
This TV converter box comes with one of the most complete sets of product features. First and foremost this TV converter box comes with easy aspect ratio settings. It also comes with the absolute very best electronic program guide. With this program guide you get show information that is comparable to what you get with cable or satellite. This TV converter also comes with the ever elusive analog pass-through function so you can continue watching low power television stations. Finally, the DTVPal comes with a universal remote control for your convenience.
The picture clarity of this TV converter box was very very good. When watching television with this TV converter box hooked up it would look as though you were watching a DVD. With this TV converter box you get a perfectly clear picture with even the slightest flaws. As a stand alone box this is a great product but getting a digital TV antenna to go along with it would make it even better.
The sound clarity of the Dish Network DTVPal is also very good. When using this TV converter box you are able to eliminate the analog static that you are so use to.
If you are seriously considering getting a TV converter box I don't know how you cannot also consider getting the Dish Network DTVPal TV converter box. It comes with more of and the best features an compared with other analog digital converters and it sells for only $55. This TV converter box is clearly one of the best out there and should be rated up there with the Tivax STB-T8
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