Zinwell ZAT-950A TV Converter Box

When reviewing the Zinwell ZAT-950A we found out that it we pretty darn close being exactly the same as the Zinwell ZAT-970A. The only major difference that we found between the two of these was that the newer version comes with a built in VCR timer and a better tuner. When we factored in the high quality picture, high quality sound, and features we concluded that this was one of the best TV converter boxes on the market.

This TV converter box comes with lots of good functions. Some of the things that this converter box comes with are an EPG, channel scanning, adjustable closed captioning, and analog pass through. This converter box also comes with an enhanced tuner and a VCR timer. The sound quality of this TV converter box is also very very good.

If you are looking for an excellent TV converter box at a great price then you should consider this Zinwell ZAT-950A. Not only does it come with loads of amazing features but it comes at a reasonable price of $64.99.

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