Dish Network TR-40CRA TV Converter Box

Dish Network TR-40 CRA TV Converter Box

Final Rating: A+

The Dish Network Tr-40 CRA TV Converter box is a great TV converter box for several reasons. The first being that it comes with the best picture and sound quality out of all TV converter boxes. The second reason it is so great is that it is loaded with a bunch of features. In fact I can't really think of anything it is missing. The third and final reason it is so great is because it is the cheapest TV converter box on the market at just $40.

If you are looking for one of the best TV converter boxes on the market and also one that is very cheap you should get the Dish Network TR-40 CRA TV Converter Box.

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John said...

This is a great box with a much better guide than most. Move it as far from your antenna as possible and the signal will shoot up. The manual doesn't tell you how to delete a channel it's found. Highlight it AND PRESS SELECT. That checks a nearly invisible box by the channel line. Now you can delete. Has a very powerful remote you can point anywhere. Excellent, static-free picture if you separate your power and signal cables, and stretch coax cables out straight. I bought two of these and am glad I did.