Venturer STB7766G TV Converter Box

Venturer STB7766G TV Converter Box

Final Rating: B

The Venturer STB7766G is another one of those TV converter boxes that we wanted to rate higher but just couldn't do since it was lacking analog pass-through. The Venturer provides good quality function and a number of features that help it still come in as an average TV converter.

This TV converter box is one of the smallest space saving models we have seen so far. It also is the first one that we have seen where you can either set the aspect ratio yourself and put it on an auto aspect ratio setting. The STB7766G TV converter boxes electronic program guide is consider to be very basic and just average when compared with other TV converter boxes. This TV converter box also comes with adjustable closed captioning text, a signal strength meter, and a detachable power adapter.

The picture clarity for the Venturer STB7766G DTV converter is slightly below that of the absolute top TV converter boxes. Its picture is a significant upgrade over analog pictures. When watching HD content there is some minor blurring and stretching though.

This digital TV converter box provides very good sound clearness that is comparable to all of the top TV converter boxes.

The Venturer TV converter box sells for a very low price of $50 which makes it a very attractive buy. As long as you don't need analog pass-through then this should be a great TV converter box for you.

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