Apex DT250 TV Converter Box

Apex DT250 TV Converter Box

Final Rating: B

The Apex DT250 is another one of the mid range TV converter boxes. Like most others it is lacking some features and has a few picture clarity flaws but overall it is good enough to get done what you need it to do.

The Apex DT250 TV converter box has the ability to search for all channels or lets you search for individually by yourself. It also comes with closed captioning adjustments and an signal strength meter for channel tuning. This TV converter box also comes with a program guide that displays show information and run time for current and upcoming shows. This TV converter is one of only a few that come with S-video output.

The picture clarity of the Apex DT250 TV converter box is very good when you are watching HDTV. When you are watching down convertered HD it is comparable to DVD quality. Unfortunately though, when you are watching SD content its picture clearness is just barely better than that of analog TV.

The sound clearness for the DT250 TV converter box is quite good. It is similar to the sound clarity of the Tivax stb-t8 and Channel Master CM-7000. This TV converter box provides almost perfectly clear sound.

As a whole the Apex DT250 TV converter box works quite well. As stated before, it is not the best TV converter box but also not the worst. It isn't a top of the DTV converter box but it will certainly get the job done. At a price of $65 is it a tad pricey but nothing to worry about.

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