Digital Stream DTX9950 TV Converter Box

Digital Stream DTX9950 TV Converter Box

Final Rating: B

The Digital Stream DTX9950 DTV converter box is only rated lower than an A+ for one reason. That reason is picture quality. This TV converter box comes with a ton of really good features but simply does not provide the quality that most people are looking for with digital broadcasts.

The Digital Stream DTX9950 TV converter box has been fully updated to now include analog pass-through. This TV converter box also comes with an excellent electronic program guide. This TV converter also comes with adjustable closed captioning text, search for all channels tuning functions, individual channel tuning functions, a signal strength meter, and a universal remote control.

When using this TV converter box you will notice that has a very good sound clearness that compares well with the best TV converter boxes.

When looking at the picture that this TV converter box provides you will see that its picture clearness is not that great. It is comparable to a good analog broadcast but it simply does not compare to how good other TV converter boxes picture clarity is.

The Digital Stream DTX9950 TV converter box sells for $60. This seems to be a very fair price and if picture clarity is not a major concern to you then you should go ahead and get this TV converter box.

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