Goodmind DTA 1000 TV Converter Box

GoodMind DTA1000 TV Converter Box

Final Rating: D

The Goodmind DTA1000 TV converter box is rated quite low out of all of the TV converter box reviews we have done so far. The Goodmind DTA1000 TV converter box simply does not come with a lot of features and also doesn't provide that great of picture clearness.

This TV converter boxes only notable feature that makes it stand out is its very advanced program guide. This TV converter boxes program guide provides more information than the average TV converter box. This TV converter box also comes with individual channel setting, a smart antenna connection, and personally adjustable closed caption text.

The sound clearness of the Goodmind DTA 1000 is good. It provides viewers with very clear sound that wouldn't bring about any type of complaints.

The clarity of the picture that this TV converter box provides is not all that great when compared with other TV converter boxes we have reviewed. Its picture clearness is comparable to what you get with a good analog broadcast.

Overall the Goodmind DTA 1000 analog digital TV converter is a pretty crappy digital converter box. If you are looking to get a TV converter box we highly recommend that you considered something besides this. Not only are is this TV converter box lacking features but it also its very expensive at $75.

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